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Floating Buddy, Bubble Wrapped Human Pool Boat

This is a great surprise prank where you need to have a helping hand, preferably from some stronger buddies. The basic idea is to wrap someone in bubble wrap and throw him into the pool. Variants allow for some funny creativity.

Bored at the neighborhood pool party? Got an open invoice with a buddy of yours you want to settle? Want to shut up or demobilize someone at a pool party or beach?

Get a roll of bubble wrap (home depot, a friend at a packaging or logistics firm, UPS, etc.). The one with the large bubbles is perfect. Ducked tape is essential, as are some friends to lend a hand fetching the prank victim.

Lying by the pool might allow to quickly grabbing the fellow and wrapping him into the towel he’s lying on. Tape it together, arms inside, not too tight. If towel isn’t an option, have some gal’s sitting on the bloke playfully (if this isn’t going to paralyze the bro’ there might be a strong possibility he’s gay or dead.

Here too, a large towel to wrap him in is a great start. Ducked tape on dry skin is only a great idea if you want to skin the guy or the wolf man is asking for a complete body hair removal. Don’t do this with a girl please, unless you want to spend the rest of your days alone.

After the prank victim is paralyzed with the first step; this would be a great moment to invite anybody with a sense of humor to watch and enjoy. Wrap up the fellow carefully; spare the head and feet until you created a human air bubble ball.

If the bubble wrap foil was stored in cooler conditions you must not wrap up too tight as the material might extend in warmer air or pool water. This might crush the guy, you don’t want to suffocate him, or would you now?

Before throwing the guy into the water apply two important measures:

1. Make absolutely sure there is at least one more guy with your air bubble boy at all times. You need to stop the prank if panic sets in or the guy has some other problem (like die laughing about himself). Be aware there might be some stupid blokes who might want to play some other tricks on your victim. He’s your responsibility now and you don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s prank (which might just suck compared to this one).

2. Also you need to watch out for safety in the water. Hanging some weight (just some, you understand) onto bubble boy’s feet might help to have him floating with his head sticking out the water instead his feet (a feature no other common ball possesses). Or you might just hold on to the wrapped guy while dragging him through the pond.

And now: playtime! A couple of fun ideas while your friend is watered:

Sitting on top of him with paddles works (if your weight doesn’t make him a submarine). Or you could stuff the wrapping with ice cubes. That should make him move quite nicely through the pool. Watch his face!

Pushing the bubble ball between each other is great too, make sure the head stays out of the water. If some female teasing should be involved you might want to let the guy get close to your bikini top while floating. Careful, he might just bite to hold on.

Or divers could tickle his feet. On the other hand adjusting him firmly at the pool’s side the bubble ball might be used as a inside-pool dinner table. You could even stick your cocktail umbrella’s into the wrapping (not too many and we gather you’d know why…).

What other creative ideas could one possibly have? Use the comments function and share your prank wisdom. Thanks!