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The itch of his life - A neat scheme for sweet chaet revenge

Being cheated on can be a traumatic experience. Depending on your character and the ugliness of the event some of us might feel compelled to retaliate. Sweet revenge!

Here is an idea to make him take away some pain in return to the cheat.

Regardless if he knows that you know, you can execute this prank without immediate impact and this is actually pretty important here.

The idea is to apply something utterly itchy in his clothing; underwear is a good spot to get started or to concentrate on. On second thought: what if he throws the undy’s out, use the inner-side of his trousers too goddammit…

It’s real easy: preparing (and neatly packing-up if he's traveling) his business attire or any other clothing (which most spouses routinely do anyway) he won’t guess anything if you just act natural.

You can maximize the experience for him if there was no easy access to fresh clothes once the thrill kicks in. Preferably you could choose an event of business travel, conference, a remote wedding party or the great outdoors, anything where he needs to get along with the clothes he came with (get the idea?).

Get some glass wool or (odor-less, color-less) chilly powder or any other painful-on-contact substance (stay away from acid as it might eat up his shorts entirely) and apply all across the desired locations inside the clothing (it’s kindof mean to focus on the area where his balls will rest for the better part of the day or night, but then again: you’re trying to make a statement here!).

Washing his underpants with glass wool (check home depot or any packaging retailer) might do the trick just fine if there are no obvious traces he might spot upon wearing. Or rub in onto the inner side of the targeted garments carefully (works great with chilly powder).

Now, the most chilling (literally) effect you could certainly achieve when applying this neat little prank just prior to another date he’s arranged for. This way you could really hit two birds with one rock, wouldn’t THAT be neat?

Share your meanest revenge ideas here.