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Where’d my office go?

This one is just beautiful at work. Especially when someone is really hated by many. The natural buy-in in such a common constellation will allow you for some major team work. The bigger the team, the more miles you can go with this prank. Also you’ll need some time, a pair of pliers, some construction tools and maybe a bar of weapons grade dynamite.

Let’s assume the hated subject spends some significant time away from the work place. You might want to explore the possibility to attach a shadow to that guy, so you will be alarmed if he would return unannounced.

If a larger team is on hand delegate some core tasks: a guard, a craftsman, some guys stable enough to carry some weight around and someone ready to shoot braggers or tattle-talers who are ready to spoil the fun up-front or suck-ups, who (in return to your noble goal) might use the opportunity to have you fired for a very personal reward.

The whole prank evolves around moving an entire, in-tact work area, fully functional into a rather unexpected environment not too far from the original location. You’ll need to carefully detach and dissemble everything in order to skillfully and perfectly mount it in its exact original state some weird other place.

You might want to call in specialists if sophisticated equipment is to be pranked around. For example: you wouldn’t really want to resemble a dentist chair with all the drillers and rinsing installations in the handicapped parking lot behind the dentist office all by yourself, right?

Great replacement locations for office environments are the public restroom, the lobby, the roof (if safely built, check the local Yellow Pages for copter services nearby), parking garage, the victim’s home driveway (or his mother-in-law’s), the Zoo.

You can spice up the prank with a special twist (some preparations needed, maybe you’ll need to bribe or hire some additional personnel):
- Underwater (any pool goes, check for tides if the ocean is used, the whole electrical installation thingy will be a bit tricky though)
- Up-side-down either in the same location or some other place (you wouldn’t happen to have an uncle working at NASA?)
- On a truck, driving it around town (without halting of course)
- In a public bus or train (stay away from the roof idea here)

Another nice idea would be to get rid of the stuff altogether and replace the chosen work environment with a miniature 1:70 exact model. Get hidden camera’s rolling and as a precautionary measure have the contracts with ABC’s AFV and your new employer signed.

Carefully chose whom you trust before and during the prank, afterwards you’ll be on your own anyway!

Good luck and most of all: ENJOY!