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Party Prank Photo – Another Morning After (at Grandma's Place)

Decorating a friend after passing out is always great fun. This one here doesn’t really go all the way but as we can see the snow-white-armed dude to the right is probably just getting started.

On a different note though: judging from by the furniture at hand who doesn’t want to get wasted in record time at grandma’s? Whoohoo, did you see that stinkin’ rug? The composition of the picture on the wall and the butt-ugly curtains give away one of the most boring souls with outstandingly mediocre taste.

The hat stand was probably standing on top of that rug, the perfect place where a one-eyed, 22 year old, farting Siamese cat would rest during the day.

Could be a sect’s guest room really or a priests adventurous bedroom (maybe the bloke to the right is the owner of the place which would explain the white robe hanging from that little sinner’s bank he is about to place on top of that pile.

Any other idea about the scenery here? Lettus know!