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More Office pranks, bulletin board pranks – Mirror mess-up and color confusion

Bulletin boards are attractive targets for group pranks and individual pranks pulled on your coworkers. From swapping to mirror-imaging – here you can have loads of fun and get people really messed-up.

We suggest stretching a series of billboard pranks over several weeks. Especially when going undetected you can play this forever or when you run out of ideas – whatever occurs first. But even if you get caught, getting known as the guy who messes around with people’s bulletin boards can earn you some respect, black eyes or your next date – if you know what we mean.

Why don’t you start with something simple and (actually) not too uncommon? Say: just to get the whole story started and your workplace used to whatever will hit them next. Start with swapping a handful of bulletin boards from office to office or cubicle to cubicle. You might want to wait a day or three and keep dead-quiet about it, maybe wondering yourself a bit at cafeteria discussions about the incident.

Arranging all items up-side-down can be a good start as well. A bit boring but you’re only getting warmed-up, right?

Next your could take people’s bulletin boards and mirror-copy everything that’s on there, arrange the mirror copies the same way as the originals. Some coworkers will take forever to even notice, some will be stunned, others will have a ball (consider taking those in for some bigger office pranks down the road).

Something quite similar could be done with colored copies instead of mirror copies of all items from one bulleting boar. Replace all paper copies with exact copies but on different colored paper. If you know of someone who uses the bulletin board quite actively (who in the world would?) replacing items, exchanging or re-arranging quite frequently (what a moron anyway!) you should definitively consider gluing them!

Public bulleting boards can serve as a great prank platform too! Compromising images from a boss or coworker you hate can be placed there for everyone to see. In our opinion you could run this prank for years when smart enough never being caught. Hiding such pictures or notes (circle spelling errors from a CEO note might apply for instance or a personal note between folks who try to hide their relationship) in between a full load of office announcements can increase the fun level a bit as well.

Finally but not conclusively (and again: it’s all up to your imagination and duration) apply real sticky glue to the bulleting board items or a really strong smell. Guess how long it will take for someone to finally nail down that origination of the nuisance. Or even acquire the smell themselves just by touching a note from that bulleting board.

Let us know if you have any more ideas to bring some fun to work.