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SC Freiburg

They made it!

SC Freiburg finally did it this year and moved up to the German Soccer Bundesliga (highest league in the country) after closest runner-up for the past two years.

The whole city is sizzling with joy these days as "our boys" did it after many years absence from the highest league in Germany. As a side-note: this promotion also marked the first time ever that a second league champion was given the Champion's Cup 2nd Bundesleague.

The team celebrated the promotion with specially made t-shirts stating "Wir sind dann mal oben!" or: "We're gonne be up there then!". This season they will be playing the likes of Bayern Munchen, Werder Bremen, VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund then.

See a couple of great photos of the celebration below and find tickets at their web site here.





Freiburg Video Clip

Clip about Freiburg

I just found this great movie clip about my hometown. I have been living here for several years and can't get enough of it to be honest.

Freiburg is a perfect city as it combines great outdoors, closeness to the Black Forrest, a very lively city life, a grea soccer team (SC Freiburg) and night life atmosphere (impact by tens of thousands of students is felt), perfect infrastructure, a green government and university that pushes green technologies, really good schools and so much more.

Enjoy the video here (Flash player needed). Original site (multi-language versions of the movie available):