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One thing I hate: Facebook

Modern Robbery and Ignorance

I am a patient man! Facebook had their chances. Only: they miserably failed me. Shame on anyone who ignores my privacy, tries to trick me into unwanted relationships and takes away my control over my own content.

Let alone not being able to easily and properly delete the account (thank you Plaxo for being fair and honest!). Now, today I wanted to start deleting content off of my Facebook account because deleting the entire account is impossible (searched for ages, found the function, only: the acount still stays on!).

When entering my email address and password I receive a screen that asks me to register my computer with FB without any option to opt out of that procedure. Also, FB fails to properly explain why they wanted to possibly sneak into my device.

From here on out I will delete my iPhone Facebook App and I will not visit their site anymore EVER. This is just enough after all those tries to take control over my content.

FB was a fun idea once. The freaks at their helm have proven over time now and with many examples that one should not allow ignorants to handle any of your content.

Update: 100m Facebook records exposed!