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Vanguard by Current TV

Al Gore's Media Arm

Vanguard is an award-winning documentary series by Current TV. Led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and businessman Joel Hyatt Vanguard currently airs once a week on several cable and satellite outlets across the globe.

For enyone who does not have direct cable or sat feed I can recommend iTunes as Vanguard offers free Podcasts of entire shows and "making-off" style clips.

Reporters Laura Ling (who recently got arrested in North Korea while on tour in Asia), Christof Putzel, Mariana van Zeller, Adam Yamaguchi and Kaj Larsen make for one of the best teams on modern television world wide.

If you want to view what's happening in the world from a more critical perspective, if you are eager to look behind the scenes of ordinary lives otherwise hidden from public view, if you want to dive into the daily issues of people without lobby or any measure of lime light: Vanguard TV is for you!

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