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Symphony of Science

John Bosswell project

A musical project by John Bosswell of Washington combines famous scientific works with electronic music and sound effects.

A stunning new way of transporting scientific content throughout the world has just been launched. And you can listen to and watch the whole content for free online. However, John Bosswell asks for donations to anyone who cares enough to support this music project.

Dedicated Youtube page

Symphony of Science website (includes free downloads)

Area 4 Festival 2010

Little Review of all that FUN

Spent the better part of my weekend burning some rubber (1'900 km to be exact) to see The Editors again along with Placebo, Monster Magnet, The Sounds, Blink 182 and some other great acts.

Missed Biffy Clyro unfortunately and apparently they were stunning. But I thoroughly enjoyed The Editors again after I love them at last year's Southside festival. Blink's drummer Travis Baker, who reunited with Blink 182 after recovering from a horrific plane crash in 2008 stunned the audience again: he's just an animal!

But more importantly: here are some observations of that event that I enjoyed bunches (except the one-stage concept which won't allow for more bands to perform in three days plus stage changing time sucks).

Check out my Area 4 2010 photo gallery here:

The festival itself was really well organized. The campground and RV parking are right in front of the stage so even if you were hanging at the tent you could enjoy the show from a distance.

Food courts offered the usual standards at festivals and beer catering was well set up (Beck's). However, as with any one-stage festival they could have taken care of some more fun merchandise booths and some activity stuff like trampolines and some such as the band changing breaks suck at times (much better at Southside where there is music all the time fro three days at  three stages).

Overall though you can say Area4 is one of the better festivals albeit a bit far out and remote so you need to factor in some extra rural driving time.

Hurts - Wonderful Life

Newcomers from Manchester

If you liked the 80s with Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Gary Newman, Soft Cell or Joy Division you will absolutely love HURTS!

Hurts is about to release their first album ever and they already amaze 80s fans and many other brit pop listeners around the world.

Hurts' MySpace site, their Facebook (you know why I don't link to FB) and Youtube feature some of the debut songs. You can also download a free mp3 file off their official website.

Apocalyptic, Epic, Finnish

Apocaplytica - Crazy Creativity

One of the most exciting creative Scandinavian bands is Apocalyptica from Finland. The combination of classical music instruments with hard rock and heavy metal music art is not everyone's cup of tea I reckon but you got to admit that it looks and sounds pretty awesome.

I like the Fins, having been there many times and having worked with them quite intensely over my years in Competitive Intelligence I grew on their many special ways of creative life style and crazy arts. Maybe it's the dark during the cold polar nights or the great outdoors they enjoy to the extend during the White Nights there.

Anyway, Apocalyptica seems to manifest what I cherish in the Fins when spending my time with my Scandinavian friends: sincerity, creativity and fun mixed with a tad weirdness and craziness.



Richmond Fontaine

Making it Black

Y'all know how much I admire Willy Vlautin. Found another clip at Youtube by the Richmond Fontaine written by Willy while the camera seems to be an impression of an ordinary day. Only with the unmistaken romantic normalcy as dictated by Vlautins vision of the small people's live.

There is nothing staged about this clip, nothing artificial about Vlautin's lyrics that reflect on seemingly simple but truly deep felt emotions expressed through a smooth collage of pictures on a tired morning.

Coming home 3am in the morning, nursing the last beer from the fridge before hitting the sack after a busy night, meeting your lover or spouse in the kitchen to reflect on the most basic of all feelings in a relationship: "God I'm glad you're here - right now - like that"...

Doesn't get any simpler than that, or deeper and honest... Gotta love Vlautin for that!

Mad at Gravity

Reign of Fire - Burn!

I love both: the movie and the band. Mad at Gravity only released on single album but it is one of the best debut albums ever in my opinion. The movie Reign of Fire has always been one of my all time favorites for the costumes, plot idea and execution.

Here is a live song / video compilation from Mad at Gravity / Reign of Fire. This is NOT the original traler.

Mad at Gravity was only active between 2000 and 2003 as singer and song writer Lynn Johnston buggered off for reasons of artistic differences with the band. Two of their songs got really famous as they were selected for the Hollywood flick Reign of Fire featuring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey (in my opinion his best performance ever!).

Lynn remained idle for the longest time (really sad this) and only comes out of the hole these days with some self recorded clips. Voice is still there and he's still got it but a new album doesn't seem to be in the works very soon. Below one of his latest feeds, enjoy.



These embers burn down low
And with my face aglow
You are all I know
Set this place on fire
Let the flames rise higher
As they reach the ceiling
At your feet I'm kneeling
Drawing ever near
My cause revealed as clear
Yes I burn for you here
Set this place on fire
Let the flames rise higher
As they reach the ceiling
At your feet I'm kneeling
With every trailing plume
Know it bears me home
I would give it all
Yes, I would give it all...(x3)
Set this place on fire
Let the flames rise higher
As they reach the ceiling
At your feet I'm kneeling
With every trailing plume
Know it bears me home
Let it burn....(x2)

These embers burn down lowAnd with my face aglowYou are all I know
Set this place on fireLet the flames rise higherAs they reach the ceilingAt your feet I'm kneeling
Drawing ever nearMy cause revealed as clearYes I burn for you here
Set this place on fireLet the flames rise higherAs they reach the ceilingAt your feet I'm kneelingWith every trailing plumeKnow it bears me home
I would give it allYes, I would give it all...(x3)
Set this place on fireLet the flames rise higherAs they reach the ceilingAt your feet I'm kneelingWith every trailing plumeKnow it bears me home
Let it burn....(x2)


Willy Vlautin

Deep, low & lovin'

There is nobody these days who impresses me more than Willy Vlautin when it comes to unbiased reflection on the lowest of the low, the outlawed and the broken.

Weeks ago I ran into a radio show when driving home through the Vailais Alps at night about Richmond Fontaine and its lead singer and text writer Willy Vlautin. Ever since I have been listening to their albums, to Vlautin's solo songs and I simply had to buy his books as well - I am obsessed with Vlautin.

The simple honesty and unshaded truth about the unlucky of us, widely referred to as white trash people or worse, the brutal reality visualized in words so powerful they make you scream when reading Vlautin's tales of restless search for sense and humanity in drowned existences, make him an artist of value and a hero for the small people.

Having lived and worked in the Southern U.S. I have seen and experienced what it must be like to walk through life without a lot of hope and on 3 dollars a day if that much.

Vlautin's poetry comes from he simplicity of his words and sounds that do not compete with but compliment the exhausting battle of daily routines without a job, without a clear vision of goals and without a future that excites.

It is the very complicated existences that fail on simple truths, the absence of hope and support, the missing link to the motivating example or role model - the reflection on dull, dusty and rotting dreams, far astray from reality that create this utterly sad romance between failed lives and the solidarity of hopeless stigma that gives way to predictible tragedy in Vlautin's texts, lyrics and songs.

I will keep daydreaming about this other side of earth that hides in shame or screams in pain without us ordinary or blessed people even comprehending the meaning of the pain felt by Vlautin's characters that are as real and as many as broken dreams in our days.

Willy Vlautin

Richmond Fontaine

Sigur Rós / Björk

Dancer in the Dark Clip

Someone posted this epic clip onto Youtube performed by one of my favorite Skandinavian bands Sigur Rós joining forces with the main actress from Dancer in the Dark, Islandic singer Björk.

This stuff is epic beyond all reason and shows again the creative capacity of nordic artists. Dancer in the Dark was released 2000. The plot revolves around a cech immigrant to the U.S. in the 60s who tragically goes blind and finds herself (Björk) to be criminalized under dramatic cirumstances.

Sigur Rós provided some of the film music. There is no other band around these days that is that dense and passionate in instumental music. After watching that clip you might want to pick up the movie as I have - nothing short of stunning!

181.FM - Chilled

Free Internet Radio

I just found this great radio station for really creative, chilled music that is free. I use it via iTunes and my AppleTV but you can listen to it online too.

181.FM - Chilled broadcasts nicely bundles chilled programs for the more chilling and soothing moment at night or so. It is rather creative and sweet as opposed to old, dusty smooth jazz stuff. It's especially suitable with friends over for a drink, late parties or a romantic sleep over.

You can listen to the station here with a browser based media player (no installation necessary). Playlists are available too (in iTunes window).

Southside Festival 09

60 Reasons

At this year's Southside Festival with 60 great acts the weather stank but I got to see many of my favorite bands and some unknown to me. Food courts get better every year at Southside, the whole organization was great again. Easy in, great to be there, long way out.

The line-up was great again, 50'000 folks came out despite the stinky, rainy weather. But it didn't pour all the time fortunately. I did particularly look forward to the Silversun Pickup'sThe Wombats (beautifully funny and energetic) and Disturbed.

The Editors impressed me much with their dark, clean show but what knocked me off my feet was The Mars Volta! These guys are just epic!

Check out what you have missed:

Anthony Zaro · Anti-Flag · Auletta · Aviv Geffen · Ben Harper and Relentless7 · Blood Red Shoes · Bosse · Brand New · Clueso · Culcha Candela · Datarock · Dendemann · Disturbed · Duffy · Eagles Of Death Metal · Editors · Eskimo Joe · Everlaunch · Faith No More · Fettes Brot · Fleet Foxes · Frank Turner · Franz Ferdinand · Friendly Fires · Friska Viljor · Get Well Soon · Gogol Bordello · Johnossi · Joshua Radin · Just Jack · Karamelo Santo · Katy Perry · Keane · Kings Of Leon · Kraftwerk · Less Than Jake · Lily Allen · Lovedrug · Luis & Laserpower · Lykke Li · Moby · Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds · Nine Inch Nails · Nneka · No Use For A Name · One Fine Day · Paolo Nutini · Pixies · Portugal. The Man · Silversun Pickups · SKA-P · Social Distortion · State Of Martial Law · The Alexandria Quartet · The Asteroids Galaxy Tour · The Dø · The Gaslight Anthem · The Horrors · The Living End · The Mars Volta · The Rakes · The Sounds · The Ting Tings · The Whip · The Wombats · Tomte

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Some Photos from Southside 2009 (just cell, sorry).

Southside Festival 2009