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Highest Resolution Picture

18 Giga Pixels City View

Today this is the photo with the highest resolution ever taken in a city. Printed with regular photo quality it would be more than 50 feet wide!

A stunning experience is this photo taken in Prague. You can use the Google Earth like controls to wonder around in 360 degrees and zoom in to people's kitchen, literally (wondering when privacy issues mount over there).

Find thousands of 360 degrees photos at the site here.

UPDATE July 2010: Technology advances!Now you can enjoy an even higher resolution 26 Giga Pixel online photography of Paris and some other cities. Send me your links if you find other exciting high res stuff online.

Also, check out my own photo galleries of varies cities I traveled to over the years and my top selection of most exciting shots.


Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam

NH Hotel SCIP EUR2009

Staying at this hotel this week in Amsterdam for a conference I always ran the in-room entertainment menu option as I liked the little self-promo video they played there while piling through email at night or recovering from some late tours with CI friends.

Anyone who knows the song & artist, please write, would like to check out more of those guys. Here is the video that I posted on Youtube (actually my first post there ever :-)

The Krasnopolsky has a somewhat surprising history I learned there being half German, half Polish. A beautiful experience at a busy conference in the middle of the steaming core of Amsterdam, this NH Hotel was neatly facilitating our needs to exhibit to our members (some 150 participating at this year's European Competitive Intelligence Summit). Check out the stunning exhibit hall (huge winter garden that sounded just awesome in the rain):  


More photos from the NH Krasnopolski Amsterdam here.

For the more serious conference reflection I'll need a couple of days to summarize, stay tuned at 

Zandvoort Holland Vacation

Sweet Homes & Cars at the Sea

I just returned form a two week vacation to North Holland and boy did I like the town, area and people there!

Zandvoort is a major beach resort some 30 miles off of Amsterdam with neat little vacation houses, a small but attractive town center and a former forumla 1 race track where you can actually buy a program to ride some of the hottest cars around course for the entire day for some €350.

The beach is packed at high seasons and sundays but stretches many miles so there is always a less occupied part to be found. Especially by bicycles that most apartment owners throw in for free when renting a vacation apartment or house there. Biking through the dunes is an adventure in itself and we certainly won't forget this exciting landscape and relaxing exercise which peaked in finding the most wonderful beach there.

Having fresh fish for almost every meal of the day, finally dropping some pounds by jogging along the beach every morning and enjoying Amsterdam and some other sights was absolutely worth the trip.

Cute vacation homes 4 walking minutes off the beach

Most homes are just there for vacationers

Some land lords rent out apartments in their own homes

Southern style balkony's all over

Ride a dream

Or a couple, all day, for €350

Porsche race

Bicycles to rent and buy on every street corner

To take to the dunes in stunning landscapes