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Area 4 Festival 2010

Little Review of all that FUN

Spent the better part of my weekend burning some rubber (1'900 km to be exact) to see The Editors again along with Placebo, Monster Magnet, The Sounds, Blink 182 and some other great acts.

Missed Biffy Clyro unfortunately and apparently they were stunning. But I thoroughly enjoyed The Editors again after I love them at last year's Southside festival. Blink's drummer Travis Baker, who reunited with Blink 182 after recovering from a horrific plane crash in 2008 stunned the audience again: he's just an animal!

But more importantly: here are some observations of that event that I enjoyed bunches (except the one-stage concept which won't allow for more bands to perform in three days plus stage changing time sucks).

Check out my Area 4 2010 photo gallery here:

The festival itself was really well organized. The campground and RV parking are right in front of the stage so even if you were hanging at the tent you could enjoy the show from a distance.

Food courts offered the usual standards at festivals and beer catering was well set up (Beck's). However, as with any one-stage festival they could have taken care of some more fun merchandise booths and some activity stuff like trampolines and some such as the band changing breaks suck at times (much better at Southside where there is music all the time fro three days at  three stages).

Overall though you can say Area4 is one of the better festivals albeit a bit far out and remote so you need to factor in some extra rural driving time.