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An Ending?

Aston Martin Vantage V12

Jeremy Clarksen of BBC's Top Gear is in pain - so is everyone who ever fell in love with technology that might vanish for good for so many reasons.

I have a special feeling for this part of this Epsiode of Top Gear's Season 13. As Jeremy takes out the Aston Martin Vantage V12 or Baby Aston, fitted with a V12, Brian Eno's tune "An Ending" serves a sad and disturbing undertone in reflection of an ending of an era whereas mankind prepares to stop putting dreams into technology as it seems for so many reasons.

Watching this show with my son (12) the other day (and he's a true automotive maniac) he was sitting silently next to me on the sofa. A bit too quiet for my taste. Midway through the segment I felt him shaking with tears and shortly after he broke down crying his soul out, the little fellow.

Silently he asked me whether I believe that beauty like the Baby Aston would disappear any time soon. Trying to comfort him I responded: "as long as there are boys in this world, devestated by such potential loss, it will be exactly fellows like you who won't allow it!". He wants to become a test driver now.

Being a Junior in a bi-lingual class of a Gymnasium in Germany's South (Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Maybach, Audio reside all there); with an English spoken technology track from next year, is a first good step I reckon, for him to transform his tears of sadness into streams of sweat to become one of the rescuers of such stunning technology, have a look: