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Wild West Valais

Now we got our very own killing spree here in Valais (Daillon above Conthey) after gun men robbed a gas station at gun point in the same area just days prior.

As if it is not enough to find hundreds of accidents with up to 160 fatalities and hundreds insured each year in the local papers (including that horrific bus accident killing more than 20 children last March) - we also face an increasing level of public violence in this beautiful but rough alpine region.

To make matters worse the public outburst limits itself to a well known polarization of gun enthusiasts vs their opponents. Because this is the easy way: dump a hollow opinion shell into the public space. Full stop.

What this world needs though is space and time to continuously challenge ourselves and the way we evolve as a species in asking: how do we impact each other and the environment we relate to or that we control. Or in other words: living in a dangerous room doesn't mean to accept that room. More over: we might even be ultimately responsible for that room's characteristic, hostility, safety or comfort. Any room, large or small.

When will we live up to that responsibility. Each and every one of us?