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Male Supercrap

Were you surprised to learn that the Boston terrorists were males?

Most people were not!

What does that say about our societies? What does it say about the mothers raising boys? About fathers giving examples? About brothers and sisters demanding responsibility from each other and their parents? About all of us just watching unaccountable?

As a percent ratio: how many male killers mimic or role model senseless killing in video games as opposed to females?

How many male superheroes try to prevent that stupid violence from happening in those games, movies and fantasies? How many fail in reality?

I don't have any smart answers folks. Just a foul after taste of some Male Supercrap in this world.

Here we go again: next Swiss mass shooting

Just several weeks after the deadly shooting in here in Valais - there was the next shocker in the Swiss town of Menznau (near Lucerne) today and I bet my right hand that the time span between the two incidents is a perfect period of sinus curves between total shock and outrage and any debate to die down.

Will we ever tackle the truly important reflections?