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Look at your feet

 “Vote for a living wage for others. Vote for health insurance for others. Don’t get in the way of food stamps for others. Understand how important $17 might be to others. That poor stretch of Atlanta is quiet because people are working and paying for daycare. They’re clocking the same hours you’re clocking, but they make a shit wage.”

An impressive reflection on inequality.



Do you use social digital media services?

Ah, ‘like the newspapers’ you say, only more interactive. Good for you.

…or is it?

With the recent hike in digital video distribution by enemies of civilization I’m not so sure anymore.

If your newspaper would print and home-deliver such content to your doorsteps… would you ignore it?

It is unbearable to know that scores of followers of those criminals hit the “like” button in support underneath such video footage.

We are inches away from live coverage of brutal slayings of innocent people, where the ACTION is commanded by the online audience that raise or lower their thumbs.


What are we going to do about it?

Male Supercrap

Were you surprised to learn that the Boston terrorists were males?

Most people were not!

What does that say about our societies? What does it say about the mothers raising boys? About fathers giving examples? About brothers and sisters demanding responsibility from each other and their parents? About all of us just watching unaccountable?

As a percent ratio: how many male killers mimic or role model senseless killing in video games as opposed to females?

How many male superheroes try to prevent that stupid violence from happening in those games, movies and fantasies? How many fail in reality?

I don't have any smart answers folks. Just a foul after taste of some Male Supercrap in this world.

10% Holidays

Most people think and feel beyond their own individual well-being around the Western festive season or similar times of joy, relaxation and reflection.

So, here as well: it's December again and we all get excited, stressed out, fight among family and friends or do without for a change and: get uncomfortable or empathetic when it comes to those thoughts, TV documentaries or sights of poor people in the cold streets (the ones we see are still doing reasonably well - you never see rock bottom!).

Now, we all pretty much know (whoever reads this - people on edge don't browse through blogs on their shiny iPad), so: WE ALL know that we are pathetic, disgusting, decadent, egoistic, unreflected to some extend. Some more, some less.

I want to bet that nobody of us, NOBODY would miss anything if we cut 10% out of all the overkill we expose ourselves to this time around.

So, who is with me on that: 10% Holidays:

  • Cut 10% of your gifts budget (anyone who complains in your family should get a big fat 100% cut next year).
  • Give 10% of your 13th salary to someone in (real) need.
  • Switch off any energy consuming device 10% earlier than normal.
  • Cut 10% out of stupid routines that take away quality time from your loved ones.
  • Leave the car in a 10% distance to your destination and freaking WALK!
  • Use 10% less food for the festive meals. There will be left-over's again this year! This time arrange for a charity to pick it up from your home or drop it off some place where people can't even remember the last time they had a warm, cosy place to eat and snuggle up.
  • Cut 10% of your bad habits.
  • Look around the house and take 10% of things that you like and given them to someone who might value them even more.

You can also flip it and add 10%:

  • Write 10% more greeting cards and remember which nice things you can come up with when thinking about the addressee (if nothing comes to  mind: don't write that card).
  • Smile 10% more often.
  • Hug and touch 10% more often to people who want and need it.

Add 10% (or more) of your own "10% Holiday ideas" and share with your friends (add 10% people who you know and might not consider closest friends - who knows how this might impact your relationship).

Make it relevant to yourself, make it count, be real and create your own attitude to like that 10% deal.

Make it sustainable: why not keep doing what you started with the 10% Holiday?

10% might not seem much (hence: where is the problem?). But it is more than you have done all year or all your life, which was DOING NOTHING.

Living in a dangerous room

Isn’t our behavior scalable – upwards and down?

I mean, hatred, love, disrespect, tenderness, violence, empathy, brutality – happen for reasons and causes quite similar regardless of stage and scale right?

Who is ultimately responsible for the way human interaction unfolds and impacts?

You are. Period.

Any scale, any place.

So, imagine: by the same rate our behavior makes this planet dangerous, filthy, unpredictable, scary, unwelcoming – down-scale it and put yourself into a room, a single room with those very characteristics.

Imagine a room that scares you, endangers you, disgusts you. Put someone into it who hates and someone who loves you and each other. Live in it for 50 years, forever.


What the hell are we doing to this place, to each other?

We all are the creators of our rooms. The small ones and the largest places imaginable.

So, why do we only feel comfortable in the rooms we own, we protect, we cherish?

Because we keep other or most people out?

What does this say about our ability to share, to network, to create and to flurish?

Think about your rooms and how you influence them. Most importantly: take responsibility for the rooms you create or impact.