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Send them into time out!

FIFA's Blatter just got the OK to continue with his reign.

The UN just completed another round of useless, expensive, time consuming and result-less meetings to make the world a shiny place.

Like Blatter or not (most don't for his alleged corrupt leadership style, if he leads anything really), here comes an opportunity for the old Valaisan and the gang of overpaid, far-traveling, slim-delivering world diplomats to shine for themselves and deliver something useful for a change:

Put everybody who won't behave into time-out for ten years!

No FIFA world cup in Russia or Qatar, if you have to have one then in another place, say: Canada, the world champions in apologizing even for behavior that was not a miss.

No seat at the table or donations for any country that support or tolerate fanatics in any way.

No high tech trade for anyone engaging in conflicts, let them battle it out with slingshots or by throwing boulders at each other (sorry, Scots, you can join when its finally an Olympic sport).

Ground them, take their toys into the basement and have them cry for a decade.

Wouldn't that be something.