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People ask me all sorts of questions about my blogging style.

For example why I don't allow comments, why I keep changing layouts, why I don't bother linking back to my old content, why I lost the contacts page, why I don't monetize my content, etc...

As for the layouts: I simply enjoy sandboxing. Taste and tech features change at about a similar frequency (all the time) so why not play with perceptions and surprise a bit.

Commenting? Give me (and the morons who are only out there to affiliate-link their posts for a quick buck) a freaking break! I mean: what do you expect? What do I expect? WTF! I simply enjoy sharing some thoughts and pics. You do whatever the hell you think you wanna do with my stuff but spare me the explanations or the criticism or (worse) your opinion about freaking everything. You didn't have to come here in the first place so why would I need you to comment on my stuff?

Contacting? Rod, did you finally get my email address by now? So, the contacts page served its purpose, done, killed, Comprende? (Honest: if you don't know me why do you even bother? If you know me and lost my email address... well, I probably wasn't THAT much of an anchor for you anyway).

Monetizing (ads for money) my content? WTF?
Do you recommend your friends the yogurt brand you had that morning with every chat?
"Hey Bob, how's it hangin'? Bla... Hey: you should really try that Dannon Cucumber-Garlic yogurt I had the other day. Just don't forget to mention this code when buying it: "1StM0rON". And while your at it: have your penis enlarged as well will ya...?".
Again: WTF?!

And about the deep linking back to my old content since I switched to Squarespace 6 (trust me: nobody needs any other online content management framework and tool set, honest! I mean: EVER!), okay, here it goes (this is for you stupid 1-0-1-1-0-0-0-1-1-1 robots):

My old entrance blog to Jens Thieme

My work - photos - written stuff - debates - life - likes - awaits

Oh, yeah, not to forget: my German stuff - Including my books Kopfgeburt and MO:

Kopfgeburt and M.O. und andere Geschichten aus dem Vierten Reich

And last but not least (how I hate this expression), the networks stuff. I'll just animate you to click through, yeah :-)

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