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Living in a dangerous room

Isn’t our behavior scalable – upwards and down?

I mean, hatred, love, disrespect, tenderness, violence, empathy, brutality – happen for reasons and causes quite similar regardless of stage and scale right?

Who is ultimately responsible for the way human interaction unfolds and impacts?

You are. Period.

Any scale, any place.

So, imagine: by the same rate our behavior makes this planet dangerous, filthy, unpredictable, scary, unwelcoming – down-scale it and put yourself into a room, a single room with those very characteristics.

Imagine a room that scares you, endangers you, disgusts you. Put someone into it who hates and someone who loves you and each other. Live in it for 50 years, forever.


What the hell are we doing to this place, to each other?

We all are the creators of our rooms. The small ones and the largest places imaginable.

So, why do we only feel comfortable in the rooms we own, we protect, we cherish?

Because we keep other or most people out?

What does this say about our ability to share, to network, to create and to flurish?

Think about your rooms and how you influence them. Most importantly: take responsibility for the rooms you create or impact.