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Facebook SuckBack

Why Facebook pissed me off

As deleting my Facebook account was not entirely possible (in fact it popped back up when trying and it kept re-appearing) I deleted all content manually step by step and cut all links from my sites, blogs and forums to that company and my profile because: Facebook sucks!

So, I suck back, here it goes:

Let's assume someone offers you a little spot in some city park so you can gather with friends and family, or you can go about some activities and hobbies and even share what ever you decide to share with anyone you want to share it with.

So far so good. The place is free so: no complaints, right?

Well, as it happens that very "friend" who so gracefully gave away that slot to you starts poking his nose into your business. You grow a little uneasy and tell him off. Yet: the nosiness goes out of hand as he invites others over to dig through your personal stuff.

After giving that guy some serious peace of your mind he camouflages the nosiness and hides away. Only to start putting up flashing arrows and signs to sell you and any passerby all sorts of fishy services - unsolicited of course. 

There are some rules and options how to avoid the bulk of the commotion but they are written on some tiny leaflets stuffed in some dirty bottles and thrown into the pond 10 blocks down. So, you decide to reduce the exposure and fence off the place only to let friends in.

One day you discover though that anything that actually belongs to you, including stuff that you secured and moved out quite some time ago is freely accessible to an army of unknown folks and you can't do a darn thing about it.

A wave of rage unravels upon that park trader guy but most people are still quite happy to gather around, mingle and don't seem to be too upset with all their private stuff on display - even though they won't control anymore who puts up what sign or arrow and where they share any of your personal preferences and items.

Would anyone in their right mind feel comfortable in that park anymore? Maybe there are enough people who just won't care but:

1. If you give away something for free - do it with passion and don't trick anyone into a secret payback. If your stuff rocks folks might very gladly honor your hard work with a token of appreciation or more.

2. If someone asks you to preserve their privacy tell them that you won't or you can't but be honest for crying out loud!

3. Nailing shut the only exit door is NOT a measure to build trust! (Did you morons grow up in former communist GDR?)

4. Neither is lying about your motivation to run the whole deal in the first place.

I have learned some things in my life of which one is the most important: there are two letters that should be nonnegotiable if humans are treated with dignity: the word NO!

The moment someone tries to bypass or ignore (or both) my NO - I will seriously doubt his integrity and my self defense mechanism kicks in. Kids learn that early on (or at least they should), societies (functioning ones) build their security operations around it.

Some high-fly no-good show-off lucky www bastard who happens to have gained an inch of power and exercises it over the heads of whole countries (population wise) of people who fell for a neat idea should have learned at least this as a minimum portion of tact:

If someone opens up, trusts you, puts parts of his personality into your control: this means tremendous obligation and honor!

Well, Mr. Zuckerberg: you have proven to be someone to abuse trust and are not fit for any obligation to others. So, I voice-fully revoke the honor and run my shit on my own site. This is my place, I am in control here. It is easy, fun, educates me and keeps my friends away from phony guys like you.


Facebook Sucks - Facebook Privacy Controversy and Criticism

Facebook Sucks - Facebook Privacy Controversy and Criticism