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Don't care about privacy

Today I heard someone say again: "I don't care which data they gather about me. I have nothing to hide".

Let's turn this around then and imagine your offline life for a moment, shall we:

All envelopes of personal mail arrive in your home mailbox copied by an organization you don't know. You don't know what happens with those copies. Nobody ever told you about the copies. You also have not idea how long they are held and what for. The same happens for the letters you send and to the letters your companions receive and so forth.

That organization also collects all receipts of your purchases (including for delicate items or government critical literature) and lines them up as a shopping history along with a movement trail and the entire history of your life. Every single step.

All of this sits in a box with your name on it, address, birthdate, personal features and preferences (including sexual orientation and many details you try to hide behind curtains in your apartment).

They have the key to your apartment even, the code to your bank account, in fact all keys to anything you lock up to protect it from unauthorized use.

Only: you never authorized anybody, nor do you know anything about this organization, how proper they are, who - if anyone - controls them, how they are guided or misguided.

Imagine that for a moment, in your 'normal', cozy offline world. What is different with your online activities that you just don't FUCKING care?

The prison in your mind