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We allowed the death of the Athenian Democracy!

Participation and accountability of all in the democratic and societal process instead of mass proselytization and/or isolation of uninfluential factions.

Modern elites have selfishly and silently eliminated the very foundation of the Athenian Democracy!

Corrected with inclusion of all members of society and populous factions and considering feasibility in the modern world, the democratic fabric could today consist of these elements:

  • draw (not election!) of temporary, equal representatives, exercising an accumulated 49% of any popular vote
  • 10-15% of the population respond to a representative mandate at the same time which is tuned to their experience
  • there is only one mandate per lifetime
  • important decisions are prepared for debate by balanced, independent expert groups and are decided upon by quorum with simple majority vote
  • corrective measures follow the same process
  • former representatives act as volunteer consultants to continue to participate in the design processes and to ensure knowledge transfer

Modern democracies seem to de-democratize themselves and before this process further accelerates it might make sense to consider their foundation and modernization opportunities

5 ways to care for human rights in a very personal way

What can you do to support human rights in a very personal way?

  1. Visit the websites or social media platforms of the human rights organization of your choice.

  2. Use their search function and look for the human rights causes you want to support.

  3. Engage, donate, motivate others.

  4. Simply hit that LIKE or FOLLOW button so their updates appear in your news feed and you can follow urgent actions, human rights cases and successes.

  5. Confront your government representative: find their contact form or email address and ask them what THEY ACTIVELY DO to support the human rights causes that you personally care about.

How many minutes or cents did you spent in the last 12 months to add your voice and support against the dark side of society?

How many minutes or cents did you spent in the last 12 months that do not add any value to anything at all?

5 ways to care for human rights in a very personal way

5 ways to care for human rights in a very personal way

Send them into time out!

FIFA's Blatter just got the OK to continue with his reign.

The UN just completed another round of useless, expensive, time consuming and result-less meetings to make the world a shiny place.

Like Blatter or not (most don't for his alleged corrupt leadership style, if he leads anything really), here comes an opportunity for the old Valaisan and the gang of overpaid, far-traveling, slim-delivering world diplomats to shine for themselves and deliver something useful for a change:

Put everybody who won't behave into time-out for ten years!

No FIFA world cup in Russia or Qatar, if you have to have one then in another place, say: Canada, the world champions in apologizing even for behavior that was not a miss.

No seat at the table or donations for any country that support or tolerate fanatics in any way.

No high tech trade for anyone engaging in conflicts, let them battle it out with slingshots or by throwing boulders at each other (sorry, Scots, you can join when its finally an Olympic sport).

Ground them, take their toys into the basement and have them cry for a decade.

Wouldn't that be something. 

We enable the horror

There are scores of arguments to save a life.

When saving that one life potentially supports the slaughter of many other lives, we need a debate and good, hard decisions.

Ransom for IS kidnapping victims is paid by most European states. This funds and enables IS’ gruesome, brutal advance in which they slaughter countless innocent victims and push millions into a state of unspeakable fear.

It is speculative to what extend the hundreds of millions of ransom dollars enable IS.

It is logic that this revenue stream motivates their actions and will only accelerate the horror.

For one reason or many others we – as Europeans – will also see such horrific killings on social media channels in the near future.

Paying IS and other terrorist groups to prevent that (still somewhat remote) scenario from happening to “us” creates such scenarios and enables the likes of IS to reach their criminal and murderous objectives.

Which leads to this question: when the US, Australia and the UK, among other states, reject any negotiation or payments of ransom – in what sense are they different people than us?

Another question: in what sense are local translators, drivers and supporters different people of different value? They are targeted along with their western kidnapping victims and don’t have any protection or ransom paying government.

The attractive revenue stream through ransom payments to terrorists enables their suffering and murder even more directly.

I don’t have the responsibility for such massively difficult decisions and I would not want to sit in the law maker’s seat for this: but a debate needs to take place and fast, decisions need to be taken one way or another.

The civilized nations need to stand as one. Because it is unbearably weak, difficult and plays into the criminals’ hands that we distinguish between the countries that do or don’t indirectly support this dynamic.

IS and their future cousins will never distinguish: their “end game” only sees anyone dead or repressed that won’t follow and obey their reign.

In sum: THAT threat alone molds us together as ONE.

How will we live up to it? How will we respond to IS’ declaration of war against all of us?