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Do you use social digital media services?

Ah, ‘like the newspapers’ you say, only more interactive. Good for you.

…or is it?

With the recent hike in digital video distribution by enemies of civilization I’m not so sure anymore.

If your newspaper would print and home-deliver such content to your doorsteps… would you ignore it?

It is unbearable to know that scores of followers of those criminals hit the “like” button in support underneath such video footage.

We are inches away from live coverage of brutal slayings of innocent people, where the ACTION is commanded by the online audience that raise or lower their thumbs.


What are we going to do about it?

We enable the horror

There are scores of arguments to save a life.

When saving that one life potentially supports the slaughter of many other lives, we need a debate and good, hard decisions.

Ransom for IS kidnapping victims is paid by most European states. This funds and enables IS’ gruesome, brutal advance in which they slaughter countless innocent victims and push millions into a state of unspeakable fear.

It is speculative to what extend the hundreds of millions of ransom dollars enable IS.

It is logic that this revenue stream motivates their actions and will only accelerate the horror.

For one reason or many others we – as Europeans – will also see such horrific killings on social media channels in the near future.

Paying IS and other terrorist groups to prevent that (still somewhat remote) scenario from happening to “us” creates such scenarios and enables the likes of IS to reach their criminal and murderous objectives.

Which leads to this question: when the US, Australia and the UK, among other states, reject any negotiation or payments of ransom – in what sense are they different people than us?

Another question: in what sense are local translators, drivers and supporters different people of different value? They are targeted along with their western kidnapping victims and don’t have any protection or ransom paying government.

The attractive revenue stream through ransom payments to terrorists enables their suffering and murder even more directly.

I don’t have the responsibility for such massively difficult decisions and I would not want to sit in the law maker’s seat for this: but a debate needs to take place and fast, decisions need to be taken one way or another.

The civilized nations need to stand as one. Because it is unbearably weak, difficult and plays into the criminals’ hands that we distinguish between the countries that do or don’t indirectly support this dynamic.

IS and their future cousins will never distinguish: their “end game” only sees anyone dead or repressed that won’t follow and obey their reign.

In sum: THAT threat alone molds us together as ONE.

How will we live up to it? How will we respond to IS’ declaration of war against all of us?