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My story as political prisoner with the GDR Stasi 30 years ago

30 years ago this month I reached my point of no return in the country I was born in and with the people who ran it.

After countless encounters with state powers, a conviction after trying to flee the country aged 15 and years of growing hopeless to ever be able to build a viable future in that place: I finally decided to end it.

Leaving my beloved family, friends and my cherished home town behind I faced the state's repressive core that next day.

The Stasi secret service "invited" me to stay for 16 month. I was 20 years young.

In the next 16 months I will update my Facebook timeline according to the events as they unfolded 30 years ago.

Meanwhile (and also because Facebook is not the most suitable platform for this type of sequential flash backs) I also post the story on - a platform that I built for others to share their stories of escape.



I changed my domain from to StasiPrison.orgfor improved branding.

The true story by a political prisoner in East Germany, imprisoned by the communist regime and the GDR Stasi (MfS) secret service: