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Yaphank - a shocking REAL piece of Nazi history in the U.S.

Can you imagine how the North American continent would look like today if Hitler Germany had won the war?

In a recent NPR feature about The Man in the High Castle I was shocked to learn about the very real Nazi history of Yaphank, New York.

Yaphank was home to Camp Siegfried, a summer camp which promoted Nazi ideology. It was owned and operated by the German American Bund, an American Nazi organization devoted to promoting a favorable view of Nazi Germany.

Yaphank Long Island, NY Nazi Parade near Camp Siegfried

Camp Siegfried was one of many such camps in the US in the 1930s, including Camp Hindenberg in Grafton, Wisconsin, Camp Nordland in Andover, New Jersey and Deutschhorst Country Club in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

It is intriguing and scary to imagine how such seeds were planted and nurtured back then. Let alone today when we all should be educated to know much better.

Following the TV Show The Man in the High Castle provides a troubling insight into the inner workings of unbalanced power and corruption at all levels of society.

Camp Siegfried was finally shut down by the US government when Germany declared war on the United States.

Loud facts about my hometown Leipzig

My hometown turned 1000 years this year and I was able to celebrate it too, despite the 1000km distance.

A couple of facts I bet you didn’t know:

Leipzig World records:

- oldest newspaper

- oldest trade fair

- largest heart treatment center

- first binary computing machine

- first nuclear accident

- largest professional orchestra

- largest gothic festival

- largest Zoo apes installation 

- first left-handed piano

- largest outdoors advent calendar

- first power generator

- biggest cloud simulator

- only left hand-start organ

- oldest book museum 

- oldest wood nail

- first cable car

- first hockey world cup

- largest intercity trade show building

- first free HD movie

- first trade show building

- biggest inflatable waterslide

- oldest string quartet 

- largest oil painting

- first fireworks world cup

- first weather maps

- largest plant register

- oldest hammer piano

- first mass battle

- biggest advertising banner

- largest solar power station

- oldest thermometer 

- biggest farmhouse breakfast dish


Leipzig Europe records:

- first industrial railway station

- largest intercity public passage system

- largest literature festival

- largest Gründerzeit quarter

- longest building epigraph

- longest sewage canal 

- biggest memorial

- largest tropic house

- longest military barrack 

- tallest indoor climbing wall

- biggest head station by area

- largest intercity floodplain forest

- largest pyramid

- biggest ceiling painting

- biggest energy trading platform


Leipzig Germany records:

- first librarian school

- first publisher association 

- first music library

- first commercial chemistry laboratory 

- biggest gay sauna

- oldest cinema 

- largest trampoline park

- first online divorce

- first medical periodical

- first anti war book

- first hotel without personnel

- first labour party

- first street gas lamp

- largest musical instruments collection

- fist blood registry

- first national bank

- first state bank

- oldest radio orchestra

- fist airport hotel

- fist buddhist community

- oldest mail order catalogue retailer

- first public ladies pool

- oldest public school

- first women society

- longest trams

- first football radio

- highest court

- oldest café

- tallest city hall tower

- first ‘Tatort’ was called ‘Taxi to Leipzig’

- first encyclopedia

- oldest art publisher

- first children’s magazine

- largest city plaza

- first music gymnasium

- first children's theater

- first theater university

- first school for the hearing impaired 

- oldest botanic garden

- first female doctor 

- first balloon mail flight

- first Bach memorial

- first university radio station 

- first women’s high school

- first marathon

- first city map

- first dog wash