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Holy War Catalysts

The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle has a grand plan

One of the more naive depictions of the hidden Leninist in the current White House claims him to be the "Leni Riefenstahl of the right wing conservatives".

Only, Riefenstahl merely corrupted herself into an accessory to a humongous destruction engine.

While The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle configures catalysts to vaporize checks and balances and ultimately: a world order with a core stability we all depend on.

And if your are not scared enough: Bannon And The National Security Council’s Secret “Kill List”.

Nicaragua Abuse

STOP Sexual Abuse!

The Swiss Chapter of Amnesty International calls for a petition on sexual abuse to girls and women in Nicaragua.

The government in Nicaragua turn their backs on an endemic abuse of teenage girls. Rape and other forms of sexual abuse  are more than wide spread and to make matters worse the vicitims are often stigmatized and suffer endlessly from their psychological trauma and a society that ignores the horror.

Countless cases of horrific abuses are reported out of the Latin American country. Your voice will add pressure.

You can learn about the petition here and also add your voice to the initiative.

Many thanks for your responsible action.

Which additional activities would you want to share that might have a chance to succeed in stopping the mindless violence against young girls in Nicaragua and elsewhere? Thanks for sharing/discussing.