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A New, Exciting Digital Marketing and Communities Project

Together with a stunning team of professionals I’ve been humbled to co-build the Digital Hub of the Oerlikon Group in Munich.

After building the infrastructure and processes from last fall we finally officially opened the Oerlikon Digital Hub in Munich.

It’s been a perfect opportunity to work with stunning professionals inside the Digital Hub, the Oerlikon network of digitalization project teams and the external network of digitalization experts and partners.

Join the Oerlikon Digital Hub LinkedIn affiliate page and visit my LinkedIn page..

Selling an Intelligence Brand

Sometimes (ok, oftentimes) things turn out... well, you know. And there are plenty of things not even an intelligence expert can predict.

Insightologist® service mark for sale

Insightologist® service mark for sale

When I built - as an intelligence veteran and former SCIP board member - market and competitive intelligence systems and processes as a B2B consultant I started my own brand.

It turned heads when driving my branded camper-van-office around and when exchanging business cards, always - in 100% of the cases - it offered me the opportunity to land my 30sec elevator pitch: "You are what?" they'd ask...

'I am THE Insightologist.'

"Do tell!" - check. It's what a brand is supposed to do.

Insightologist® logo on branded office van

Insightologist® logo on branded office van

Insightologist® logo on branded office van

Insightologist® logo on branded office van

However, when my largest client asked me to take a key role under permanent contract I couldn't refuse.

So, now after two years into the job, I am looking for a worthy buyer of brand and online entities .

The brand Insightologist® is registered as a service mark under the Madrid Protocol in all major western economies (EU+), Switzerland and the U.S. The web domain, social media accounts, a stash of neutral brand business cards, brand art work, are all part of the package.

Insightologist® generic branded business cards with a twist

Insightologist® generic branded business cards with a twist

So, if you want to own a unique brand that includes what you offer, makes people talk (especially to the brand owner), don't want to wait for many months to trademark, want to have a solid starting point with an online presence and have trademarked stationary and art work readily available asap - why not consider to acquire this package?

Here is the official description of what the Insightologist® does:

An Insightologist® is a professional in the competitive intelligence and strategic insights disciplines of economics.

The Insightologist® also studies, develops, and applies theories and applicable concepts to maximize an organization's capabilities to evaluate, understand and anticipate the physics, psyche and dynamics of their chosen competitive arena.

In doing so the Insightologist® acts as an auditor of such capabilities, an advisor to master competitive intelligence disciplines and as an extension to implement world class strategic insights programs and deliverables.

The brand could be used for consultancy, a software personalization even or a branded advisory app. Sky is the limit.

Give me a buzz - thanks -Jens

Insightologist® brand in front of customer headquarters

Insightologist® brand in front of customer headquarters

BP Hayward $17m chute

Do some damage and multiply

Is that the message now? Screw up a business and the lives of scores of people and be rewarded handsomely? Is this what I will have to defend or explain to my kids or be lost with when they try to live up to it?

Something outrageous again: while thousands suffer in the Gulf states, animals die, ecological damage is done beyond repair this arrogant moron cashes in on his screw-up?

Understandably: he did not drill the well neither did he hit a hammer against some equipment to produce the spill. But: aren't CEO's paid handsomely and way beyond own need to cover their heightened risk and be compensated up front in case they would have to take the fall over something that goes wrong in their arena?

So, beyond what this guy made over the years to address that risk he will be sent home with another package of how many million? Doesn't really matter folks and I refuse to spend a second researching or converting the numbers but at the end of the day Hayward leaves a loss above a dozen billion and in return collects a golden parachute in excess of 10 million - you do the math as to how much damage you need to do for how many golden parachute dollars.

As he is on his way to seamlessly occupy another high flyer role for a Russian conglomerate I wonder whether he will spend any of his risk fund to the families down at the Gulf who lost their business or lifetime savings or their kid's college funds. Looking forward to your comments...