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10% Holidays

Most people think and feel beyond their own individual well-being around the Western festive season or similar times of joy, relaxation and reflection.

So, here as well: it's December again and we all get excited, stressed out, fight among family and friends or do without for a change and: get uncomfortable or empathetic when it comes to those thoughts, TV documentaries or sights of poor people in the cold streets (the ones we see are still doing reasonably well - you never see rock bottom!).

Now, we all pretty much know (whoever reads this - people on edge don't browse through blogs on their shiny iPad), so: WE ALL know that we are pathetic, disgusting, decadent, egoistic, unreflected to some extend. Some more, some less.

I want to bet that nobody of us, NOBODY would miss anything if we cut 10% out of all the overkill we expose ourselves to this time around.

So, who is with me on that: 10% Holidays:

  • Cut 10% of your gifts budget (anyone who complains in your family should get a big fat 100% cut next year).
  • Give 10% of your 13th salary to someone in (real) need.
  • Switch off any energy consuming device 10% earlier than normal.
  • Cut 10% out of stupid routines that take away quality time from your loved ones.
  • Leave the car in a 10% distance to your destination and freaking WALK!
  • Use 10% less food for the festive meals. There will be left-over's again this year! This time arrange for a charity to pick it up from your home or drop it off some place where people can't even remember the last time they had a warm, cosy place to eat and snuggle up.
  • Cut 10% of your bad habits.
  • Look around the house and take 10% of things that you like and given them to someone who might value them even more.

You can also flip it and add 10%:

  • Write 10% more greeting cards and remember which nice things you can come up with when thinking about the addressee (if nothing comes to  mind: don't write that card).
  • Smile 10% more often.
  • Hug and touch 10% more often to people who want and need it.

Add 10% (or more) of your own "10% Holiday ideas" and share with your friends (add 10% people who you know and might not consider closest friends - who knows how this might impact your relationship).

Make it relevant to yourself, make it count, be real and create your own attitude to like that 10% deal.

Make it sustainable: why not keep doing what you started with the 10% Holiday?

10% might not seem much (hence: where is the problem?). But it is more than you have done all year or all your life, which was DOING NOTHING.