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Interview im GIA Newsletter Oktober 2007

Mit der Fallstudie Ciba wurde ich von Global Intelligence Alliance im Oktober 2007 befragt. Hier ein kleiner Abriss des Interviews, das vollständige Interview können Sie hier finden.

In your experience, how do you tackle the challenges that one comes across along the road ofMI development?

“Working with different individuals, one will step into many backyards. Respecting everyone’sown interests and agendas will create buy-in, as will the support from top management, and thestrength of one’s internal network.

Time is an issue that needs to be factored in: Any project that aims at serious improvementsacross organizational boundaries tends to end up being much bigger as originally anticipated.

Finally, where you need people’s involvement, make it as easy as possible for them.”

So Jens, you are now in the process of rolling out the Ciba Intelligence Plaza for the corporateaudience around the world. What do you see as the next steps?

“We now need to close educational gaps and extend our array of research and analytical techniques.Maximized impact through world class intelligence production, and executives who getused to gauging their business...

Vollständiges Interview können Sie hier finden.