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Neuerscheinung: "Starting a Competitive Intelligence Function"

Wie bereits in diesem Weblog und einiger meiner Vorträge erwähnt, die Competitive Intelligence Foundation hat nun das neue Fachbuch "Starting a Competitive Intelligence Function" veröffentlicht, zu dem ich ein Kapitel beisteuern durfte: "Challenges, Obstacles, and a Path to Success: A Global Corporation Case Study".

Das Buch wurde am Ende wesentlich umfangreicher als geplant. Besonderer Dank gebührt Kenneth Sawka als Editor in chief und Bonnie Hohhof von SCIP als Koodrinatorin des gesamten projekts.

Sie können das Buch auf der offiziellen SCIP site bestellen. Das Buch erschien in englischer Sprache: ISBN: 978-0-9771825-4-1.

"Starting a Competitive Intelligence Function is the third volume in the Topics in CI series, published by SCIP’s Competitive Intelligence Foundation. The general topic covers the concept and practice of defining the organization’s internal requirements and setting up the environment for an effective competitive intelligence function.

Major components of starting a competitive intelligence function include:
Defining the CI function’s goal, clients, output, and decision(s) it will support.Defining management’s role, obtaining buy-in, and creating support.Identifying required personnel resources and determining the best way to train and retain them.Leveraging internal resources (information, people, systems) and creating networks.Identifying additional resources to be developed or purchased.Creating process that work within your organization’s culture and will support your CI goals. Communicating and educating clients, team members, and information contributors about CIDetermining ways to measure the impact of the CI function..."