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Jens Thieme's Experience Profile

During my 20+ years within the global biotechnology, life science, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, textiles and all in the specialty chemcials involved industries and markets I have obtained the following key skills and expertise.


  • Various direct reports over the years in operational and disciplinary reporting lines
  • 14 highly educated PhD's reporting to me in heading global program management at leading CMO in pharmaceutical industry
  • Member of the business unit leadership team at Lonza Custom Manufacturing Chemicals
  • 15 years lead of globally diverse cross-functional teams for major global projects and initiatives, mostly in marketing & sales leadership functions
  • Lead of Swiss Competitive Intelligence community as Director of the Board of the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA)
  • Lead of International Competitive Intelligence community as Director of the Board of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Association (SCIP)
    • Chairman of the International Advisory Committee

Contract Management Custom Manufacturing Biotechnology, Pharma

  • Enable the company to offer and move the right products/services at the right time on the right terms and conditions as leading CMO in the biotech, pharma and lifescience industry. Maximize sustainable economic value for both the customer and the company.
  • Develop, deploy and maintain global contract management function via harmonized processes, strong methodologies, dedicated organizational resources, maximized scope, best-in-class expertise, effective tools landscape and cultural shift to become an organization driven by commitment to win/win business relationships with our exclusive pharma clients.
  • Primary on-site interface for the Customer on contractual issues regarding the agreed activities and deliverables and execution of the project at the company.
  • Customer's advocate on-site ensuring all customer requirements are being recognized by all internal stakeholders and realized to the satisfaction of both business partners.
  • Primary internal contact for questions or issues regarding contractual obligations. Has detailed knowledge of all assigned agreements (e.g. Development, Commercial, Quality, etc.) and is the on-site expert for all such contracts.

Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence

  • 4 years global Market & Competitive Intelligence excellence leader within marketing & sales office (Executive Committee sponsored), CHF 6bil global corporation, 10 global businesses
  • Development, implementation of global intelligence function, methodologies and systems for entire company
  • Intelligence strategies and concepts, sourcing processes, gathering, electronic dissemination, intelligence techniques and tools, excellence network – including education of 700 marketers
  • Consulting in support of major business decisions and major strategic, marketing and business planning processes through actionable intelligence both tactical and strategic
  • Establishment of intelligence cross-fertilization and support systems for newly established global innovation process
  • Embedment of Competitive Intelligence life cycle in global innovation process
  • Market research and analysis projects to support executive’s in industry upstream insights
  • Health checks of strategic and marketing plans in terms of intelligence portions and coaching for improvements for all 10 business lines


  • 4 years global marketing excellence leader within marketing & sales office (Executive Committee sponsored), specialized in Market & Competitive Intelligence (Switzerland), CHF 6bil corporation
  • 3 years NAFTA Head of Market Development (USA), 850mio regional business
  • 5 years Global Head of Marketing Communications, Advertising & Promotion (USA, Switzerland), 1.2bil global business
  • 2 years Global Head of E-Business including conception and deployment of VMI, VMOI transaction programs, 1.2bil global business
  • 2 years Global Head of E-Communications, internal marketing & promotion of electronic facilities and assets


  • Development & deployment of global Advertising & Promotion concept for global leader in textile dyes in service of 12’000 customers, 6’500 products, early adopter of global electronic printing systems (1994, global system with Xerox Systems for state-of-the-art global promotion material production network)
  • Develop and implement new strategic focus and customer intimacy models in Pharma CMO business as leading API manufacturer
  • Facilitate integration of acquired business units into the NAFTA organization and develop strategic options for new, improved organization within regional leadership team
  • Research & analyze new market opportunities for NAFTA Textile Effects segment (global market leader in specialty chemicals for the textiles industry), develop strategy to start participation in multi-billion non-wovens/technical textiles industry
  • Research & analyze competitive landscape in e-business solutions within textiles industry, develop and execute on strategy on new B2B e-business solutions for global leader in textiles dyes and chemicals
  • Revamp corporate strategy in electronic communications solutions (consolidations and migrations of global corporate web sites and intranet facilities) including online marketing programs plus other electronic tools and solutions
  • (As Director of SCIP Board) Develop and implement new global strategy to establish local Competitive Intelligence professional groups as SCIP chapters and affiliates
  • (As Director of SCIP Board) Shape new strategic direction for SCIP post merger with the Frost & Sullivan Institute
  • (As SCIA board members) Develop and implement/maintain online & interactive collaboration facilities, policies and tools for nationals (Swiss) members of the association
  • Global best practice leader within corporate marketing & sales office to transform a CHF 6bil corporation into a truly market leading and customer focused excellence leader
    • Development & deployment of strategic planning environment (personal focus: lead in research, analysis, intelligence creation)
    • Best practice evaluation, strategic conception of new intelligence life cycle and state-of-the-art executive decision support through targeted intelligence and transformation of global corporation into best-in-class competitive intelligence organization
    • Significant involvement in (and global lead for intelligence portions of) creation of strategy and business planning tools, channel management, pricing excellence programs, sales improvement initiatives and other marketing excellence programs within the marketing & sales office (mandated by the Executive Committee and the Marketing & Sales Board)

Consultancy, Training, Coaching

  • Global lead in conception and implementation of CRM system (“Account Manager’s Briefcase”) as early adopters in 1994/95 and process standards including consultancy to management, user coaching and workshops, roll-out for 1.2bil business segment (120 sales field professionals)
  • Global lead in implementation of dozens of solutions for electronic collaboration and communication for 6bil corporation, including internal consultancy from buy-in creation to roll-out, workshops and sessions to thousands of employees over time
  • Regional development and roll-out of standard CRM solution, NAFTA lead for 500 professionals including coaching, workshops, management buy-in
  • Best-practice leader in state-of-the-art Competitive Intelligence operations, internal consultant to executive launch, decision makers and coach to 1’200 marketing & sales staff, external best practice speaker and workshop teacher to global Competitive Intelligence community
  • Internal and external webinars for Competitive Intelligence best practice solutions, also in combination with publishing on the topic in professional print media and online
  • Conception, development and deployment of global intelligence solution as backbone of Competitive Intelligence life cycle, roll out to 600 global marketers, workshops, internal consultancy to management in terms of transformation of information into actionable intelligence using state-of-the-art market research and analysis methodologies and techniques
  • Consultant for the global sales force for Trade Show & Conference Intelligence programs, primary research projects and other Competitive Intelligence initiatives & activities

Project Management, Project Lead

  • Dozens of global and regional projects for new solutions in marketing & sales
    • CRM development & implementation (Region, NAFTA, 500 users)
    • Sales tools and templates, standards and processes, project lead and implementation
    • Regional (NAFTA while based in the US) and global (from corp. HQ) Marketing excellence projects such as channel management, customer segmentation, pricing excellence projects
    • Global Competitive Intelligence projects to transform company into truly market focused organization containing tools, processes, organization, deliverables, strategy and Competitive Intelligence culture
  • Major global project and initiatives lead while revamping corporate strategies for all electronic tools and environments in connection with corporate websites and corporate intranets
  • Customer segmentation and online B2B projects for 12’000+ global textile customers including change management, communication and training

Change Management

  • 20 years of conceptualizing, internal buy-in creation and implementation of new, state-of-the-art processes, solutions and tools for the global marketing & sales, as well entire company population (while in corporate functions) of a 6bil global corporation
  • Global textiles customers change management while implementing new solutions for online transactions and online B2B services
  • 3 years of national and global practitioner support in leading Competitive Intelligence non-profit associations, new solutions and strategy shifts for up to 3’000 global Competitive Intelligence professionals (buy-in, communication, follow-through, controlling, sponsoring, implementation, improvement cycles)
  • Integration of global cross-site group of project managers in leading pharma CMO business (program value CHF650mio/a) with new vision and extended project lead for customer programs
  • Bridging of cultural differences and "old way of doing things" to new way of customer intimacy driven global project process ownership and project lead


  • 4 years Account Manager incl. regional New Market Development lead NAFTA textile dyes with global market leader (based in USA)
  • 2 years global lead E-Business Colors Division (dyes, pigments) with global market leader (based in global HQ, Switzerland)


  • Regional integration leader of Allied Colloids dying auxiliaries assets and personnel into Ciba Colors Division operations
  • (As Director of SCIP Board) Due diligence, negotiations, implementation/integration of merger between two non-profit organization in service of >10’000 Competitive Intelligence professionals
  • Active integration projects of marketing & sales solutions and programs into BASF structure and operations during takeover of Ciba (6bil, 13’000 FTE) by BASF (40bil, 100’000 FTE) 2008/9

Public Relations/Events

  • Panelist and speaker at AATCC USA
  • Leading solutions provider for corporate shareholder assemblies, global press conferences and public board meetings at CHF 6bil global corporation
  • Dozens of speeches, sessions, workshops, panelist on marketing & Competitive Intelligence topics across the globe at Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA), Global Intelligence Alliance, Jacob Fleming Conferences, etc.
  • Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Associations (SCIP), Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA), public representation as Director of the Board
  • Private: dozens of public book readings (I published two books) and speeches at cultural events


  • Global Head of Marketing Communications, Advertising & Promotion for 1.2bil business segment textile chemicals
  • Routine communication and collaboration with customers in textiles industry in function as Account Manager North Carolina, Florida
  • Collaboration with associations, societies and universities to create new market access in multi-billion industry
  • Global Head of E-Bussiness with responsibility to communicate and collaborate with thousands of actual and target customers to utilize newly developed e-solutions
  • Global Head of Electronic Communications at 6bil global corporation, strong involvement in entire corporate communications operations as member of the global corporate communications leadership team, in charge of all electronic communications, tools and collaborations across the company and for executive committee and board (incl. audio, visual support of all high level meetings and conferences)
  • Early adopter of Web 2.0 technologies as private web developer (operating multiple web sites and blogs)
  • Winner of the Golden Web Awards 2002/3
  • In charge or involved in all board related communication and collaboration, public presentations for two non-profit societies
  • Development and execution of communication plan within major M&A activities at the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Association (SCIP)
  • Member of the conference committee of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Rome 2008 Competitive Intelligence conference (350 participants)
  • Involved in all Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA) events (directive, planning, setup, vendor and partner management etc.