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Jens Thieme... currently Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence with Ciba - now part of BASF, a global specialty chemicals corporation based in Basel, Switzerland.

His blend of experience in leadership roles in Advertising & Marketing Communications, Electronic Communications, E-Business, Account Management and Market Development over the 18 years with this company both in Europe and the U.S. has qualified him to improve the company’s intelligence strategy, systems, processes and infrastructure.

As the founder of and an active member of and contributor to SCIP and a member of the board of the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association SCIA, Jens maintains a strong international collaboration with competitive intelligence professionals

from a wide range of industries around the globe.

A German by birth Jens gathered experience in the following functions both at the company's global headquarters and abroad:
- Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence
- Global Head of Electronic Communications
- Head of Global E-Business
- Regional Head of Market Development NAFTA
- Regional Sales Support Manager USA, Can.
- Global Head of Marketing Communication, Advertising & Promotion

His main achievements include millions in savings and productivity increase, hundreds of millions in sales automation and countless value added initiatives and programs throughout his career.

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“Jens Thieme is a valued colleague in the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals- a business-best-practice organization that provides networking and training opportunities for its members. I first met Jens in 2007 at a European summit, where his presentation on competitive intelligence process and practice was one of the best attended and rated. We later discussed plans for a CTI (competitive technical intelligence) community of practice, where he volunteered time and excellent ideas. Subsequently, he joined the board of the Swiss CI Association, while strengthening links to SCIP.

Currently, we are collaborating on several projects, including SCIP's European Summit on CI for October, 2008. Jens is a very positive, energetic "can do" person. He is a reader and a sharer of ideas in a way that both allows for and stimulates the contributions of others. He is a clear thinker and brings a refreshing efficiency of thought and analysis. He seems comfortable with considerations of both marketing and technology aspects of the chemicals business.

He also is aware of the broader competitive environment in our rapidly-changing global economy and the challenges these dynamics raise for manufacturing companies in particular. . Finally, Jens is effective at building and maintaining a network across industries and geographical regions.”
Martha R. Matteo, 2008 Bd of Directors and Past President (2007), Soc. Competitive Intelligence Professionals


“Jens really stands out from the crowd with his drive and enthusiasm to not only make initiatives but also to follow through on them meticulously. No wonder he has managed to create a Market Intelligence community within his company that has earned a lot of appreciation and sense of value both internally and externally. Jens' positive energy is contagious, a view that is shared by my colleagues at GIA as well.”

Irmeli Hirvensalo, Director, Strategic Marketing, Global Intelligence Alliance


“I've had the pleasure to work with Jens on numerous occassions to collaborate on bulding Competitive Intelligence functions. His unique insights based on his experience have directly contributed to many accomplishments. He has a unique ability to foster cross-functional collaboration. He is a true visionary for the global Competitive Intelligence community.”

Michel Bernaiche, Strategic Planning - Competitive Intelligence Manager, Dunkin' Brands