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And the band keeps playing through the doom

We are losing earth. Who cares (enough)?

RMS Titanic Band - R.I.P.

RMS Titanic Band - R.I.P.

How many dystopian PS4 games or movies shall entertain us, how many heatwaves kill our unprepared elders, how many SUV vacation trips shall guzzle tons of gas or mileage awards shall sweeten our escape to softer climates?

As we keep turning two blind eyes and deaf ears towards losing our planet, the bands keep playing the entertaining tunes of doom.

In the end - we will still find excuses - and the right song to sing along with.

Look at your feet

 “Vote for a living wage for others. Vote for health insurance for others. Don’t get in the way of food stamps for others. Understand how important $17 might be to others. That poor stretch of Atlanta is quiet because people are working and paying for daycare. They’re clocking the same hours you’re clocking, but they make a shit wage.”

An impressive reflection on inequality.