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5 ways to care for human rights in a very personal way

What can you do to support human rights in a very personal way?

  1. Visit the websites or social media platforms of the human rights organization of your choice.

  2. Use their search function and look for the human rights causes you want to support.

  3. Engage, donate, motivate others.

  4. Simply hit that LIKE or FOLLOW button so their updates appear in your news feed and you can follow urgent actions, human rights cases and successes.

  5. Confront your government representative: find their contact form or email address and ask them what THEY ACTIVELY DO to support the human rights causes that you personally care about.

How many minutes or cents did you spent in the last 12 months to add your voice and support against the dark side of society?

How many minutes or cents did you spent in the last 12 months that do not add any value to anything at all?

5 ways to care for human rights in a very personal way

5 ways to care for human rights in a very personal way

I never forget my hundreds of passwords - and they are super safe!

Here is why I never have to write down a password anymore and I never use the same one! It works like a charm. It is impossible to forget my passwords and they are really, really safe.

Step 1: Find a word combination you love and you can't forget anymore because you love it so much, say: 'vanilla ice cream'.

Step 2: Make it safer: 'V@n1ll@1c3cr3@m'.
You simply capitalize the first letter and replace the 'a' with '@', the 'e' with '3' and the 'i' with '1'.

This is pretty darn safe already. Two replacements will do too. Or capitalize any other or more letters.

This is your master password. NEVER tell anyone!

Never use it without step 3!
Once it gets cracked, the angry bots might crack all your other accounts that use that password too in a matter of yocto seconds.

That's why you need specific passwords for each service you use. And this is where the next and final step comes in:

Step 3: By default, add a first or second PLUS a last or second last or third last digit (_) with the beginning and end letter of the service you use the password for.

Let's say I decide to add a first and second last digit.

So, when I use my master password '_V@n1ll@1c3cr3@_m' for Facebook I add an 'f' in first position and a 'k' in second last.

My Facebook password would be: 'fV@n1ll@1c3cr3@km'.

Applying the exact same rule to other services:

My Google password would be 'gV@n1ll@1c3cr3@em'.

My Twitter password would be 'tV@n1ll@1c3cr3@rm'.

Basically: you always use the same, safe master password but you add one or two or three letters from any position out of your service name to make the password individual to any service.

It's super safe because:

Your passwords are long and look bonkers, don't make sense in any dictionary, are unique for any service you use them for and they’re written down nowhere but in your brain.

This is how you will never forget passwords anymore - you're welcome.

Unfortunately the IT gods are morons. So, some companies expose nonsense rules on you like 'only 6 digits, no special symbols', etc.

Someone should put those idiots in jail.

It is changing, albeit slowly. As long as those idiots haven't gotten their security act together yet, you'll need short, less safe versions to cover those services.

And yes, you might have to write them down. Until those exceptions vanish.

And don't forget to send their webmaster a hint that they're living in the post Commodore era.

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Ich benutze hunderte einmalige Passwörter und muss mir kein einziges davon merken oder aufschreiben.

Durch ein einziges starkes, durch ein paar Symbole verfremdetes Stammpasswort und - pro Dienst den ich benutze - variabel veränderte Stellen, ist jedes Passwort nur durch mich erkennbar und kinderleicht zu merken, da ich die variabel ersetzten Stellen vom Namen des Dienstes ableite, den ich gerade benutzen möchte.

Das Passwort existiert also nur in meinem Kopf

Beispiele für sichere, individuelle Passwörter:

Stammwort: LeichtmerkbaresWort (wählen Sie Ihr eigenes, zusammengesetztes Stammwort mit mehr als 15 Buchstaben, das sie nie vergessen werden).

Verfremdetes Stammwort: LeichtMerkb@resW0rt

Variablen im verfremdeten Stammwort: L_eichtMerkb@resW0rt_

Die Variablen (“_”) befinden sich immer an der gleichen Stelle. Sie können diese beliebig setzen oder mehr als zwei benutzen, ganz nach Belieben.

Um jedes Passwort individuell zu machen, setzen Sie für Ihre gewählten Variablen an 2. Stelle im Passwort und an der letzten Stelle des Passworts jeweils den Anfangsbuchstaben des Dienstes oder der Website und den Endbuchstaben des Dienstes.

Auch hier können Sie selbst kreativ werden und Ihr eigenes Konzept einbringen. Das Geheimnis ist, das gleiche Konzept überall anzuwenden.

Mein Beispiel Passwort für Amazon:

amazon-Variablen im verfremdeten Stammwort:


Beispiel Passwort für Google:

google-Variablen im verfremdeten Stammwort:


Beispiel Passwort für Deutschlandfunk:

deutschlandfunk-Variablen im verfremdeten Stammwort:


Meine Sicherheit:

Nur ich kenne das Stammwort.

Nur ich kenne die Verfremdung.

Nur ich kenne die Variablen (Welche Buchstaben aus dem Namen des Dienstes / Position im Stammwort / Gross-Kleinschreibung).

Seit Jahren merke ich mir kein einziges Passwort mehr und bin supersicher unterwegs.

Loud facts about my hometown Leipzig

My hometown turned 1000 years this year and I was able to celebrate it too, despite the 1000km distance.

A couple of facts I bet you didn’t know:

Leipzig World records:

- oldest newspaper

- oldest trade fair

- largest heart treatment center

- first binary computing machine

- first nuclear accident

- largest professional orchestra

- largest gothic festival

- largest Zoo apes installation 

- first left-handed piano

- largest outdoors advent calendar

- first power generator

- biggest cloud simulator

- only left hand-start organ

- oldest book museum 

- oldest wood nail

- first cable car

- first hockey world cup

- largest intercity trade show building

- first free HD movie

- first trade show building

- biggest inflatable waterslide

- oldest string quartet 

- largest oil painting

- first fireworks world cup

- first weather maps

- largest plant register

- oldest hammer piano

- first mass battle

- biggest advertising banner

- largest solar power station

- oldest thermometer 

- biggest farmhouse breakfast dish


Leipzig Europe records:

- first industrial railway station

- largest intercity public passage system

- largest literature festival

- largest Gründerzeit quarter

- longest building epigraph

- longest sewage canal 

- biggest memorial

- largest tropic house

- longest military barrack 

- tallest indoor climbing wall

- biggest head station by area

- largest intercity floodplain forest

- largest pyramid

- biggest ceiling painting

- biggest energy trading platform


Leipzig Germany records:

- first librarian school

- first publisher association 

- first music library

- first commercial chemistry laboratory 

- biggest gay sauna

- oldest cinema 

- largest trampoline park

- first online divorce

- first medical periodical

- first anti war book

- first hotel without personnel

- first labour party

- first street gas lamp

- largest musical instruments collection

- fist blood registry

- first national bank

- first state bank

- oldest radio orchestra

- fist airport hotel

- fist buddhist community

- oldest mail order catalogue retailer

- first public ladies pool

- oldest public school

- first women society

- longest trams

- first football radio

- highest court

- oldest café

- tallest city hall tower

- first ‘Tatort’ was called ‘Taxi to Leipzig’

- first encyclopedia

- oldest art publisher

- first children’s magazine

- largest city plaza

- first music gymnasium

- first children's theater

- first theater university

- first school for the hearing impaired 

- oldest botanic garden

- first female doctor 

- first balloon mail flight

- first Bach memorial

- first university radio station 

- first women’s high school

- first marathon

- first city map

- first dog wash